New Moon Reflections

Some of the biggest changes in my perception and my sense of self began when I embraced my connection to the moon.  

Throughout human history, we’ve had a deep tie to lunar cycles. For women, our fertility cycles were synced with the phases of the moon. We learned how to count the passage of time by counting each cycle of the moon. The seasons were measured by these cycles, and humankind learned when to sow, and when to reap. We learned that there would come an end to the bitter chill of winter. That the warmth of summer would return, and food would be abundant.

Most importantly perhaps, we learned that even when the moon disappeared from our sight, it had not gone completely. That soon, her light would appear in the daintiest sliver, growing more vibrant with each passing day. Through that mystery we grew closer to our own connection and appreciation for the unknown places within ourselves, and our ability to reach again for the light when we have spent some time in our shadow places. 

The first new moon of 2020 occurs today, January 24th. This particular moon is in Aquarius and the wise minds in the realm of astrology tell me that this aspect of the zodiac represents rebellion, forward-thinking and connection to community. I love a good dive into the spiritual world of the stars and planets, so I recommend you try your own investigating to learn more about the power and symbolism of this particular moon. Each one brings different energy, and I think, different opportunity to connect with aspects of our higher selves.

You don’t have to be a believer in astrology to benefit from understanding these ideas and theories. Mythology is woven into the fabric of our human existence, from the time that people could speak their stories. If you think of the spiritual relationship of the planets , cycles and constellations as mythology, you can still incorporate these ideas symbolically into your Reflective Writing practice.

New Moon is the start of each lunar cycle. It’s a time to begin. To set new goals and tread new paths. To put into motion the ideas and lessons you have gathered during previous cycles.

In your writing, it’s the ideal time to shed. I write down anything I wish to leave behind, in order to start fresh. Sometimes I craft letters to people with whom I need to shift energy (this can mean forgiveness, deeper understanding, or even the end of a relationship). I try to approach both of these exercises with a sense of gratitude for the illumination and teaching they have brought into my life. Offering these by burning them is a great way to release the power of these emotions and experiences. You can scatter the ashes in a natural place that offers you comfort or reflects your own power and strength.

It’s also a beautiful time to call forth anything you’d like to draw into your life. To visualize your goals, or aspirations. To dream and play and draft how your desires and wishes can take shape. List-making is a great way to approach this. So is letter writing to your higher self, your guides, or even just to read at the next new moon. Allow your creativity to come through, and add visual components to your writing if you are so inclined. There’s really no wrong way. Sometimes I hang onto these pieces so I can reflect on them with the start of the next cycle. Sometimes I place them on my altar, until the full moon, and then I offer them up by burning them in a fire-proof vessel.

Grant yourself some time and space today to connect with your own feelings around beginning. Perhaps the following prompts might be useful:

What does it mean to have a fresh start? 

What would you like to see on your clean slate by the end of this cycle?

What are three things you need to release in order to move forward?

What are three things you need to draw to yourself to grow into your own fullness?

How do you connect to the moon and her cycles? 

How could your life benefit from a deeper connection to lunar energy?

I hope you’ll feel the power and beauty of renewal and fresh opportunity as we move into this next cycle. Perhaps Aquarius will help you find your inner rebel so you can reject ideas and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your higher purpose. If you have any new moon rituals, I’d love to hear about them. I hope you’ll share them in the comments below.

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