The Mother


I hope you’re all safe, and taking good care of yourselves and each other.

Over here, we’re getting by each day thanks, in part, to the amazing Jenny Arndt who appears every morning at 9 am EST (11 am on Sundays, you can find her schedule on Instagram) via Facebook Live for a mindfulness and meditation practice.

Today, in what is becoming a new extension of this practice, Jenny drew one of Kim Krans‘ beautiful Archetype cards. The card was ‘The Mother’ and our reflection with Jenny was on the ways we can mother ourselves and return to the safety of the womb. 

Here are a few Reflective Writing prompts on self-mothering and wombiness, inspired by this morning’s session with Jenny, which you can find on our Facebook Page:

  1. What do I need to create a womb-like feeling in my physical space today?
  2. What are three key ways that I can nurture myself and tend to myself today?
  3. Where am I holding on too tightly? What is creating this need to cling and protect?
  4. What can I trust within myself today?
  5. What can I surrender?
  6. Here are a few things I can allow into my womb-like shelter today:

Sending you virtual hugs, warm mugs of tea, and divine motherly-love from my corner of the Universe.

On Saturday, April 18th at 2pm EST, join us for an hour of spring-inspired Reflective Writing with Thaw, our next workshop. You can find the details and registration right here.

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