Journal Therapy Retreats at South Coast Guest House

On Sunday, September 25th, I hosted my first journal therapy day retreat at the South Coast Guest House.

Have you ever heard of this place? I first discovered it while attending a retreat hosted by the brilliant Jenny Arndt and I fell in love with the space, and with Beverly, the owner of this beautiful property.

My heart is so full.

South Coast is a sprawling, wooded space with carefully manicured gardens and cultivated corners for guests to enjoy the space. There’s also a darling AirBnb, and I treated myself to on the night of the event. There’s room enough indoors for an intimate gathering to be safely distanced, but I really wanted to hold the journal therapy retreat outdoors so we could feel connected to nature, and so we could do without masks.

Bev set up a circle of cozy wicker chairs under the shade of the Black Walnut Trees. The weather was mild, and a gentle breeze created the most soothing rustling in the trees above. I knew how inviting this circle would be for everyone in attendance.

What a lovely group of humans. We dove into a tricky topic; the COVID Chrysalis, a name I’ve given to the liminal space we currently find ourselves in. With themes like taking account, self-realization, and resting in uncertainty, the participants were open and vulnerable with their personal discoveries and the lessons they are taking from this time in history. They were also wonderful about holding space for each other and their varying ideas about what’s happening in the world.

The journal therapy retreat felt exactly how I wanted it to feel; connected, safe, and transformative.

“I have often journaled through difficult times. This is different. Using journaling prompts developed by an expert can help us explore our inner world in enriching and productive ways. Cat is a master at this and at making you feel inspired and relaxed.” -Beverly Smith, South Coast Guest House

“Cat has a way with everything and everyone. She has a unique gift of cultivating a sacred and safe space wherever she is, and her positive intentions shine through in her work. With her prompts and guidance you will leave any session with her feeling more connected to your heart, and with greater clarity moving forward. If you are looking for more direction and understanding of some deeper questions you’ve been asking of yourself and your existence, then Cat is the teacher you’re searching for. Allow her magic to infuse your world with the gift of writing from your soul. If you do, you will feel so blessed and grateful for taking the time to give this to yourself!” – Emily Moran, Yarrow and Yoga

Our next journal therapy retreat at South Coast is on October 25th from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Registration will be open soon and there are only 10 spaces available. This time we explore the idea of rewriting our own stories and challenging our personal narratives to bring us closer to living in our authenticity.



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