The Sacred Pen combines transformational coaching and journal therapy to create a practice called Reflective Writing. Our guided writing workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions are an opportunity to dig deep, connect with self and process emotion and experience.

Reflective Writing is suited to seekers from all backgrounds and all levels of writing experience. You don’t have to find the perfect words. The practice is about connecting to truth, allowing words to flow, and unlocking your inner landscape to discover healing and personal expansion.

We create safe space in each of our Journal Therapy workshops and solo sessions, where participants are encouraged to share as much or as little as they like. Like art or music therapy, Reflective Writing offers clients powerful tools to add to their self-care kit and mindfulness practice, connecting with creativity, intuition, and the unconscious to unlock truth, self-compassion and transcendence. 

Journal Therapy is a tool intended to support other types of healing treatments, or to help establish a deeper mindfulness practice. In no way is it meant to be a substitute for psychotherapy or psychiatric care. If you are in need of a mental health practitioner, please contact your physician for a referral.