As a person who is challenged with finding the right words Cat's workshop showed me that there are powerful messages in simply writing with intent. Through Cat's writing prompts I gained a better perspective on the feelings I've had in recent experiences, and finding the poetry in emotion has helped silence the inner critic of my writing.
- Mark

Loved It!

Cat was wonderful (as always) and the workshop really motivated me to write more and to dig deeper and explore my thoughts and feelings more. The workshop was hosted in the cutest location. It was sooo cozy and intimate too which was nice. I highly recommend going and can't wait to go to another one!
- Rachael

Refreshingly Intimate

I had the pleasure of attending Reflective Writing 1 hosted by Catherine. I expected some fun writing exercises but what I was met with was an intimate evening where I was guided through learning to fully express myself through my writing. The setting was cozy and the tasks were laid out in a way that allowed us to delve deeper into our emotions with ease. I walked away with techniques that I will certainly be able to continue to use going forward. Highly recommend.
- Sarah


After years of not being able to reconnect with my writing, I decided to join Cat’s workshop. The atmosphere and energy was safe and inviting. She assisted us with writing prompts that allowed us to break through past blocks and connect to deeper emotions. This assisted process gave me the opportunity to reflect and release on an issue that was holding me back. She also provided us with the most delicious snacks and beverages to fuel our process. It was a wonderful and connecting experience that I would recommend to anyone.
- Sarah

Amazing Experience

Cat is one of those beautiful souls, who captivates her "audience" (aka anyone in ears distance) with her words. Her gifts range from being able to articulate anything into the most beautiful story or description, to helping others flex their creative muscles when it comes to writing and journaling. As someone who enjoys writing, I was extremely satisfied with the layout of this event. It was comfortable, welcoming, and helped us to relax and dive deep into our journaling experience. If you are someone who enjoys writing, or who has never journaled before but is curious to know more, I urge you to treat yourself to this beautiful event. You will not be disappointed.
- Paje

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